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Lower Key Stage 2

Our Learning in Lower Key Stage 2


Early Start 1 helps young beginners enjoy their first steps in Primary French and finding out about everyday life in France.  A full course suitable for years 3 and 4, Early Start covers all the main areas of LKS2 primary French through a DVD resource using native speaker children in their own homes and schools. Most films will be recorded in Northern French towns giving learners a further incentive to go and visit the North of France.  The vocabulary is introduced slowly and clearly and leads to easily implemented verbal work but also fun and challenging written activities.  
Topics covered:
1 Salut! - Greetings
2 Au revoir - Saying goodbye
3 Ça va? - Asking people how they are
4 Comment t'appelles-tu? - What's your name?
4a L'Alphabet - Alphabet
5 Les couleurs - Colours
6 Les nombres 1-12 - Numbers 1-12
7 Quel âge as-tu? - How old are you?
8 Les mois de l'année - The months of the year
9 Les nombres 13 - 31 - Numbers 13 - 31
10 Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? -When's your birthday?
11 Les jours de la semaine - Days of the week
12 Quelle est la date aujourd'hui? - What's today's date?
13 As-tu un animal? - Do you have a pet?
14 As-tu des frères et des soeurs? - Brothers and sisters
In addition to our Early Start learning, we learn through a step by step routine including singing beginning and ending songs, reading a calendar, finding out about our learning objectives through the French learning page and singing more songs based on the topic of the day.