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All Saints school council

We are here to help you!

In St Marthas class: Shem and Poppy
In St Georges class: Tomi and Bethany
In St Davids class: Sam and Sophie
In St Andrews class: Bernice and Madalyn
In St Annes class: George, Salomeja and Kaylee
In St Augustines class: Harry and Neri
In St Mary class: Ruby
In St Patricks class: David and Niamh
In St Christophers class: Jamie and Bailey Rai
We are easy to talk to and will aim to help you if you need it. You will know who we are from the badges we wear.
Our school council aims to meet every two weeks during term time. We hold our class council meetings once a term and use these to get ideas for discussion in our meetings.  

What do you think of All Saints?

Do you have something you would like to school council to do? Do you have a problem that needs fixing? Contact us and tell us what is on you rmind!