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Survey Results

Dear Parents

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who provided the school with feedback via the parental questionnaire completed at parent’s evenings a couple of weeks ago. In our drive for school improvement, we are committed to taking your views seriously and would like to share with you the responses to our parent survey below.

Of the 190 parents who completed the survey, responses were very pleasing. The percentages in the second column represent the amount of positive response to each statement.

My child is happy at this school


My child feels safe at this school


My child makes good progress at this school


My child is well looked after at this school


My child is taught well at this school


My child receives appropriate homework for their age


This school ensures the pupils are well behaved


This school deals effectively with bullying


This school is well led and managed


This school responds well to any concern I raise


I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress


I would recommend this school to another parent


Analysis of the survey percentages has identified 4 areas where positive responses are lowest (between 94-97%) which although still high, the school is addressing, in order to secure further improvement:



At parents evening I queried with some parents whether they felt the homework provision was appropriate for their child’s age. Most as you see, said yes. Of those that did not say yes, some thought their child had too much homework and some thought their child did not have enough. All were happy with the homework tasks that their child receives though and were looking forward to seeing what the new ‘pick n mix’ Christmas holiday homework option sheet will look like when given out at the end of term.


If parents would like their child to have more homework, please come in and speak to individual class teachers, I am sure staff would be only too pleased to negotiate some more work if needed.

Behaviour and safety

Since parents evening I have spoken to some parents that I know answered the behaviour and safety statements negatively. Through constructive discussions we have identified that most behaviour incidents that parents hear about at home, take place during the lunch hour because it is a less structured time.

Since the survey, the school has already taken measures to improve the lunchtime systems in a bid to improve behaviour and safety at lunchtimes. We have:

  • Provided adult supervision for classes as they walk through the school to go outside for the start of lunchtime play
  • Increased the amount of senior leadership staff on duty inside and outside at lunchtimes
  • Increased the amount of structured games that take place on the playground through the use of pupil play leaders
  • Devised a one door in and one door out of the school building policy so that children are visible at all times
  • Introduced the use of toilet passes so that large groups of children cannot be in the toilet together at the same time
  • Provided identified children who feel vulnerable at lunchtimes, with opportunities to spend playtime inside
  • Increased adult supervision for classes as they walk back through the school at the end of lunchtime play.

The impact of these changes has been noted already. Children are spending more time engaged in play, less incidents have been recorded in the school behaviour log book, kitchen staff report that children are getting in and out to dinner quicker and teaching staff are spending less time dealing with behaviour issues when children return to their classes for afternoon learning.

‘The children’s behaviour in lessons and as they move through the school building is impeccable’ – was recorded on a governor’s monitoring form this term.


Information about children’s progress

In response to this issue, the school has now organised :

Written reports to be sent home about children’s progress in 3 terms throughout the school year. (Two brief interim reports based on the core subjects and one main annual report).

Parent’s evenings to take place in 3 terms throughout the school year to discuss children’s progress and strategies to improve it.

Parental book looks to take place at the end of every term, offering a chance for parents to see the progress their child has made over the course of each term.

Progress slips to be sent home every Friday to inform parents of progress made on a weekly basis.

Responding to parental concerns

The very nature of this letter and changes made to the school improvement plan in light of it, I hope, conveys to you, the very serious way in which the school deals with parental concerns.

Working together in partnership we will make our school even better.

Please come in and speak to staff if you have any concerns or if you would like to come in and observe the staff and children in action for yourself.

Together we can help every child to achieve their full potential. Together, we will achieve; more.


Thank you once again for providing us with your views.  Please feel free to record your views about the school to Ofsted via Parent View using the link.




Yours faithfully


Miss Jo Strachan