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Inclusions Manager

Inclusions manager

My name is Mrs Wilson and I am the Inclusions manager.  My job is to ensure all children are able to learn, no matter what their needs are. Whether children have a specific barrier to their learning or simply need a little additional support to access their learning, at all Saints school we believe that every child has the right to learn.


In All Saints CEP School, to ensure that every child has the right to learn, despite any difficulties they may have, we adopt a teaching style that encompasses strategies that would benefit children diagnosed with specific needs such as ADHD and ASD yet will benefit the whole class from the consistent and holistic approach. We try to ensure dyslexia friendly classrooms and are inclusive of all children's needs. Any advice given by experts is always accepted and acted upon to the best of our ability. For more information about how we meet the needs of your child or what we can offer your child please feel free to contact me through the school office or see the link on the front page regarding SEND and our local offer.

Pastoral care at All Saints
Children's well being is very important to us at All Saints.  If a child is not emotional well then they are not able to learn.  Social and emotional needs are met in a variety of ways including play therapy, adult mentoring and PFSW support. For more information on this please see Mrs Helm's page.