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Our All Saints family shall arise and

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Morning 22nd February 


Tia  was commended for her efforts throughout our trip and had the pleasure of firing water balloons at our group leader Sean. 

This morning we have been orienteering and played aeroball- a combination between trampolining and basketball. Well done to all for their huge achievements on high equilibrium, requiring great team work and resilience. Zara and Whupl managed to get to the very top too!  Off to lunch before we head back home. 

Evening - 21st February


A huge congratulations to every single member of our group as they all went on the 3G swing! Osman and Natalie stunned us with their enthusiasm to reach the top of the swing on their first try. Superb perseverance was shown by Cody, Luke and Freddie D who all overcame their fears. 

Morning - 21st February


The kids have been very busy building shelters to protect them from the elements and have named their dens: Shrek Shack, Treetopia, and Children's lounge. Tyler scored the first bullseye in archery followed by Isabella, Natalie and Samuel who had fantastic aim. On to the 3G swing this afternoon. 

Morning- 21st February 


The kids had a wonderful night- eager to share all their hidden goodies. Fred W was excited to show us his tuck shop collection, while the girls spent some extra time chatting before bed (Rutendo led topical discussions.) After a cup of hot chocolate, they went to "sleep" following a tiring first day. 


This morning we are at breakfast, stocking up for a packed day. 

Monday 20th February

Pupils arrived and have settled into their accommodation. They worked incredibly hard as a team to attempt the blindfolded 'nightline' which involved completing an obstacle course with lots of mud! Well done to Ruby, Kyle-Brooklyn and Skye for a fantastic effort and superb team work throughout!

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.