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St Martha Blended Learning Page


At the bottom of this page, under each dated link you will find slides, worksheets and sometimes videos that provide you with information to complete your designated daily learning tasks.

Every day, Junior children should aim to participate in English, Maths and Topic/ theme activities like the children in school are doing. They should also aim to complete an additional physical / mental well- being activity as well. In short, your learning each day should consist of:

  • An English lesson
  • A maths lesson
  • A theme/topic lesson
  • A physical / mental wellbeing session

We will also include the daily worship slides that are being delivered in school that day and a story time/message session delivered by your teacher. This should give you something to think about and reflect on each day as you go about doing your school work.


The work tasks will be posted up for you each morning by 9 am. Go through them with an adult if you are finding the reading of them tricky. If you or the adult going through them with you needs help in completing the tasks, you can email one of your class staff who will be available for a live email tutorial during a designated hour each school morning.


The class staff email addresses you will need to know for tutorial time are:

Miss Ammah (


Live email tutorial will take place at this time each day: 9.45 – 10.45


When you have completed your 3 work tasks, upload your work onto our class Seesaw platform or if you are finding this tricky,  email it in to your class teacher whose email address was given above. We will endeavour to sort your Seesaw issues simultaneously. Please aim to send in your completed work by 3pm so that it can be checked by your class teacher.



Your class staff will look at your work and provide feedback to you regularly. You are expected to complete your 3 tasks each day. If you do not, class staff will be contacting parents and asking them why not. We are required to keep a record of who is and who is not doing their learning. Being out of school and expected to do work can be a bit tough but you must continue with your learning. Work with parents to get a routine/ timetable sorted for yourself so that you get all your learning done between the hours of 9am-3pm. The tasks are expected to take around ONE hour each. Please take breaks in between each task.


Your class staff know how important it is for you at home to still have contact with them. That is why when they post up your work online each morning, they will also endeavour to upload a film clip of themselves reading a story or giving you a message from themselves. It’s just a chance for them to say hello really. I am sure if you commented on their film clip in an email during tutorial time, the staff would really appreciate this. In order to provide an opportunity for our remote learners to meet up with their class mates Mrs Collins will be hosting a live story time session each week on Tuesday at 2:15. An invite will be sent to your school email account on the day so you can join in and say hello to your friends if your parents are happy for you to do so.


It is important to keep our minds and bodies active. This link takes you to Joe Wick's PE sessions which will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays each week.  There are also links to our school favourites like GoNoodle and Cosmic kids where you can find brain gym activities, meditation and yoga for children ideas.  

You do not have to upload anything to your teachers for these physical/ mental wellbeing sessions but you could write a message on SeeSaw and tell your teacher which activities you have enjoyed completing.



Joe Wicks PE                       Go Noodle                           Cosmic Kids                          Times Table RockStars


We miss not being with you in school and can’t wait to see you again.

Please look within the links below to see what work awaits you this morning… 

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.