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The School Curriculum

Information about the School Curriculum


It is the school’s intention for each child to enjoy their Primary Years Education, for parents to be fully involved in their child’s education and for each child to fulfil their individual potential. 

The curriculum we provide enables children to live our school values, to: Achieve, Respect, Include, Support and Enjoy their learning.

At All Saints, our curriculum is designed to meet our children’s needs and interests, to engage and motivate them in their education and to develop a positive attitude towards learning that is instilled in them long into their future.


Please see an overview of the curriculum we provide below and refer to our individual subject pages for more information.



Curriculum Intent

At All Saints C of E Primary School, it is our intent to provide a curriculum that ensures our children are curious about the world, know how to keep themselves physically and mentally safe and healthy within it, develop a love of learning, celebrate diversity and acquire the knowledge, skills and cultural capital needed to prepare them for the next stage of their education and to be happy, successful, well rounded individuals in an ever changing, challenging world.

It is our intent to provide a full and varied, creative, enriched curriculum that is tailored to meet our pupils needs within the context of the school. To ensure every child in our school family has opportunities to ARISE – achieve well, be respected, feel included, feel supported and enjoy their learning.

It is our intent to inspire our children with exciting cross-curricular topics and interesting experiences so that they see learning as being fun, and they develop confidence in themselves, acquiring aspirations and resilience for their future.


Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is implemented through an engaging broad and balanced cross-curricular approach.  We use Cornerstones topics as a springboard to help us to develop units of work that excite children about their learning. These units are rich in wonder and memorable experiences and they allow children's natural creativity and curiosity to flourish, alongside the purposeful acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Most of the foundation subjects are taught in depth through our Cornerstones units. Each unit takes one or two main subjects to drive the learning forward. We believe that choosing the right context to engage our children in their learning is vital in fostering a love of learning and also in achieving high standards. Certain aspects of English, RE, French, PE and PSHE lessons are taught as discrete sessions, but wherever possible they will link to our topics so that skills are applied right across the curriculum.

Staff place emphasis on the skills of interacting well with others, developing mental wellbeing and the retrieval of prior leaning on a daily basis. Maths is a core subject and is taught discretely.  Reading is structured and delivered by ‘stage not age’ throughout the school.

Staff have worked together to design a coherent and sequentially planned curriculum that ensures full coverage of statutory expectations, has clear end of year milestones for each group and can be tracked effectively to identify where pupil intervention is needed.

Staff have high expectations of children’s achievements in all subjects and at all levels. 


Curriculum Impact

Children leave All Saints C of E Primary School as happy, caring and confident individuals who know how to keep safe and who achieve well across all subjects.  They have developed a love of learning, a respect and commitment to their community and they have the hope and resilience needed to succeed in future life.


The school provides equality of access to the curriculum for all pupils. This supports our primary objective to raise the level of attainment and progress for all.

All pupils are assessed formatively on a daily basis and summatively termly, beginning in the Foundation Stage. If the results of any assessment indicate that intervention is required, specific provision is put into place as laid out in the Code of Practice. For specific needs the school has regular access to a range of specialist support services. In all cases parents are kept fully informed about the progress and teaching of their child and any additional support required.



Children whose first language is not English are given extra support, where needed, to develop their skills, concepts and knowledge and have equal access to all areas of the curriculum. Support programmes for our EAL children are devised initially by Mrs Jhass, our EAL teacher and are monitored by our SENDCO team.



The admission arrangements for disabled pupils are the same as for any other pupils. The school does everything possible to ensure such pupils are treated fairly, have full access to the curriculum and have the same opportunities as all the other children. In compliance with legislation, the school make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to arrangements and premises in order to meet any child’s disability needs.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.