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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.









Theme activities

Term 2 topic: Traders and Raiders!

Feel free to carry out any of these activities to further your learning this term.

Viking stories- week 6

We do love a good story in St Augustine- and the Vikings did too!

This week you will be creating your own Viking stories inspired by a terms-worth of knowledge you have gathered. Want to have a practise? Download the files below and practise your story writing skills. Remember, all you need is your imagination! Use the image in the files to give you some inspiration.

Finished? Upload them onto Seesaw so I can read them too!





Viking Feast- Week 5

This week we will be looking at how Vikings celebrated their successful feasts. We know they listened to stories and enjoyed poetry but what was on the table? Explore this site to see just what the Vikings were having!


Could you download the Viking food sheet and explain to someone at home which foods they had and why?

Can you create your own banquet menu? Research and design the food you would serve

(see below for documents to look at)





Alfred the Great- week 4

Trying to find out more about who Alfred was? Try these interesting sites that are child friendly!



Who was King Arthur?- week 3


We will soon be exploring the heroic tales of King Arthur!

Get a head start by exploring these sites that tell you a little bit about who he was:

- Listen the the traditional retelling of the story of Camelot:


- Some people consider the story of King Arthur to be a Legend. find out what these are:,They%20are%20partly%20true.&text=Unlike%20myths%2C%20legends%20don't,they're%20based%20on%20reality.



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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.