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Studying art can develop visual thinking and creativity.  It allows children to make a personal response to the world and to communicate that response to others.  Children’s creativity in art is developed by knowledge and understanding of art, as well as investigating and making their own art works.  Art helps develop skills across the curriculum and can enrich teaching and learning.

Children will use a range of materials and tools for art, including ICT.  They will experience both 2D and 3D art.  They will be encouraged to review and improve their work to produce high quality artwork.

The school will show the value placed on the work by displaying it as much as possible.


At All Saints we teach Art in all year groups through a thematic approach which means linking our Art National Curriculum with the themes we teach each term.  Art takes place during two theme weeks a year.  We also do some art work during our other lessons.

You will soon be able to see examples of our super work!