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Welcome to the Maths Subject pages.

We live in a world of mathematics. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed we need to use maths skills throughout each and every day. We just don’t recognise we are doing it! But we are…


Because of the need to ensure that children can use maths effectively in their everyday lives, both as youngsters and later as adults, at All Saints School we deliver a daily maths lesson that lasts for approximately an hour. In this lesson the children complete activities based on the core strands of the National Curriculum. Very broadly speaking, every two terms, the children are taught to –

Use and apply mental maths skills
Count and understand the place value of number
Develop their knowledge of number facts/ sequences
Refine mental and written forms of calculation
Explore shape and geometry
Understand different units of measurement
Read and present data in a variety of different forms


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To see how we expect children to record their work for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or to find out what parents can do to help with their child’s maths at home, please use the links to explore these subject pages a bit more!


If you would like to come in and see a maths lesson in action- simply book an appointment with your child’s class teacher and they will arrange one with you that is mutually convenient to all.