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Music lessons consist of an equal mixture of singing, composing and appraising as required by the National Curriculum.

Most classes teach music through theme lessons and link the learning to their termly theme.

This means that music lessons are not necessarily taught on a weekly basis but rather blocked to have a whole day of music or 3 afternoons a week throughout a theme. This gives the children longer to appraise and compose their own piece of music, allowing time for self and peer assessment of their composition.

We use our voices, percussion and tuned instruments in our compositions as well as using ipads and other electronic equipment to compose, appraise and record music using ICT.

Each week we hold a singing assembly for both KS1 and KS2 where we sing a mixture of songs for worship and for fun aimed at the correct age group.  We are trying to promote singing for enjoyment and offer all Key Stage 2 pupils the opportunity to take part in the school choir.

We also offer many wider opportunities for learning to play a musical instrument with a specialist music teacher. Click to find out more.


Voice in a Million!
Voice in a million is where choirs of young people from across Britain get together and sing to raise awareness for adoption. It was a very long day, we had to leave school at 12.30 and never got home till midnight.