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St Peter

Welcome to St Peters


Our teacher is Miss Jenner

Our class teaching assistants are 

Our Computing is taught by Mrs Keen and RE is taught by Mrs Cook.

There are 24 children in St Peters and we share our learning environment with the children in St Pauls.

Below we have listed some helpful things about our class that we thought you might find useful to know.


Our learning

Each term our learning is planned from the EYFS curriculum according to the children’s interests. If you would like to learn more of what is in the curriculum, you can find a copy here. Statutory framework and here curriculum.


  • We learn our phonics for reading through the RWI programme. Find out more information here. 
  • Our mathematical learning is delivered firstly to the whole class and then the children will be split into smaller groups so the learning is tailored to the group needs.
  • Our work is mostly practical however the children are encouraged to record their mathematical thinking.
  • We are taught RE and Computing on a Wednesday. In RE we follow a programme from the Rochester diocese, Understanding Christianity.  You can find more information on the RE subject page.
  • We are very lucky to have a dedicated French teacher come into our class on a Friday morning and teach us lots of songs and words in French.
  • Reading and writing is very important to us and as a school we have taken this as our focus for this year. For ideas on how to help your children in these areas please click here or here.



  • PE is on a Thursday afternoon.
  • We need to wear plain dark shorts, plain white T shirt and plimsolls or trainers.
  • When it is cold outside we cover up with a pair of plain dark tracksuit bottoms or leggings and our school jumper.
  • Our hair is tied back if it is long.
  • We take any jewellery off at home before we come to school.
  • We cover newly pierced earrings up with tape that parents put on at home before school.



We stick to the 6 golden rules that every class in the school tries to follow.

Do be gentle – do be kind and helpful – do work hard

do listen – do be honest – do look after property.


We have a traffic lights system in class where ‘green to go’ is rewarded and red and yellow  behaviours result in clearly defined and understood red and orange consequences.



Individuals are rewarded in class by stickers on a sticker chart.

When each child gets 5 stickers they get to pick a prize out of the prize book and then for every five after that. Individuals’ names are read out of the whole school praise book on Fridays in collective worship too.

At the end of the day in our ‘Special Praise Time’ we are rewarded with special shiny stickers for good work throughout the day.


We are given the opportunity to change our Friday sharing books every day.

When we are given a reading book we can change these twice a week.

We have maths/literacy (alternate weeks) homework on a Friday (from term 3) that need to be back on a Thursday.

We have a show off read when we have finished our RWI guided reading unit.


Partnership power

We have an informal open door policy in Foundation Stage.

If you wish to speak to our teacher just come in when you drop off your children or at the end of the school day after she has safely seen all of the children out.

If after school is not convenient to you: phone up the school office and request that the teacher phones you back to arrange a more mutually convenient time.

Failing all of the above – write a note to the teacher asking to speak to them and get your child to pass it on.


Make sure you are looking at what your child is doing in school in their learning journal and sharing what they have been doing at home too!


Come on in!

If you would like to come into school for a one off session to see how and what your child is learning and experience life as part of the class again speak to the teacher or Miss O’Connor – the more visitors we have in school the merrier!


Curriculum Challenges

Every term we have a curriculum challenge related to the theme/learning we are doing. This is normally sent out in the first week of term and the children hand it in near the end of that term. The children who win the challenge are then rewarded by Mrs Judges for all their hard work.