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St Andrew

Welcome to St Andrew!

We are a class of year 4 pupils in the Lower Key Stage 2 part of the School

Our class teacher is Miss Ammah

Our class teaching assistant is 


Our Learning


We have a daily maths lesson that is taught discretely to theme using our school scheme taught across all three schools in the MAST called ‘Maths – No problem’.

We also have daily literacy lessons covering either; punctuation, grammar spelling, guided reading or reading comprehension.

Each term we base our learning around a cross curricular theme (see term review). We have a superstarter day to begin our theme learning and a fantastic finisher day to end it (See the links below for photos showing how great these days are and how much we enjoy our learning).

RE, French and Computing is taught discreetly.



In every maths lesson pupils are provided the opportunity to gain a mastery of maths through completing challenge tasks that deepen their understanding of a concept.

Each week a maths challenge is displayed to pupils that extends on previous learning. They are encouraged to independently engage in the question providing evidence of their understanding. Each week one child is randomly selected to win a small prize.

Children can be selected to join the Maths Masters Club where they receive challenging and problem solving scenarios to complete as additional challenge.

Weekly homework also includes further challenges for pupils to engage in. Please encourage your children to complete the challenge element of their homework.



PE day is on Wednesdays.

We need to wear plain dark shorts, plain white T shirt and plimsolls or trainers.

When it is cold outside we cover up with a pair of plain dark tracksuit bottoms or leggings and our school jumper.

Our hair is tied back if it is long.

We take any jewellery we are wearing off ourselves.

We cover newly pierced earrings up with tape that parents provide us with ourselves.



We stick to the 6 golden rules that every class in the school tries to follow.

Do be gentle – do be kind and helpful – do work hard – do listen – do be honest – do look after property.

We have a traffic lights system in class where ‘green to go’ is rewarded and red and orange behaviours result in clearly defined and understood red and orange consequences.



Individuals are rewarded in class by winning raffle tickets. At the end of the week, if our raffle ticket is pulled out of the hat we get to choose an item out of the class prize box.

On Friday’s a green-to-go star, Literacy star, and Maths star is announced in assembly and entered into the praise book.

Our whole class rewards are negotiated with the class teacher at the start of every term. We all put forward ideas of what we would like our reward to be then we vote for the most popular prize. We work together as a class to demonstrate behaviours that allow us to move up our target ladder to see whether we can win it during the last week of term.



We are given spellings and times tables practice on a Friday that we must practice every night during the week. We are tested on these in class on Fridays.

We are given maths homework on Fridays, this is due back the following Friday.

We are given literacy homework (punctuation, grammar, writing or reading comprehension) on Friday, this is due back the following Friday as well.

We are expected to spend 30 minutes on each piece of homework.

Partnership Work


If you wish to speak to our teacher just catch her on the playground at the end of the school day after she has safely seen all of the children in the class out to their appropriate adult.

If after school is not convenient to you: phone up the school office and request that the teacher phones you back to arrange a more mutually convenient time.

Failing all of the above – write a note to the teacher asking to speak to them and get your child to pass it on.


Core Priorities and how you can help:

This term a key focus across the school is reading and writing. Fostering a genuine love for books and reading is vital in developing your child’s reading skills as well as written and spoken language and the progress they make in their learning journey. In support of this it is critical that you as a parent or guardian encourage children to read regularly and provide opportunities for them to be heard when reading. Each week pupils will have an extended writing session where they will have to opportunity to put into practice core literacy skills they have learnt during the week. To support this writing process please encourage your child to discuss new vocabulary they come across to develop their growing bank of vocabulary.

The school has partnered with local libraries to provide additional book selections that will be delivered to school. Pupils can take these additional books home and record completion in their reading record books.

In addition pupil should regularly practice their times tables particularly 6’s, 7’s 8’s and 9’s so these are committed to memory. Please can you continue to practice facts such as number bonds, doubles and halves as this will support your learning through year 4 and prepare you for UKS2.