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Religious Education

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Journey together, Guided by God.

Religious Education and Collective Worship:


The school is distinctive in character as a Church of England Controlled Primary School. The work in both Religious Education and Collective Worship emphasises the Christian way of life and promotes Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development.

A daily act of worship is undertaken where we gather together, engage the children in the act of worship, reflect on what they have learned and then send them off with a view to incorporating this learning into their daily lives. A daily prayer or reflection is included in this time.

Although we study all Religions, so that we can learn to respect one another and live together peacefully our main focus, as a Christian school is Understanding Christianity.

RE is taught in every class every week, we follow the Understanding Christianity syllabus as recommended by the local diocese. By addressing key questions, Understanding Christianity encourages pupils to explore core Bible texts, examine the impact for Christians and consider possible implications.

In addition to explicit RE lessons we have three 'Christian Values Days' throughout the year, where the children look at different school values and spend a whole day learning about these values and developing their social, moral, cultural and spiritual growth.

Through all of the above pupils develop an awareness of and respect for the beliefs and feelings of those within the school and wider community.

The whole school attends All Saints Church on at least four occasions during the year to celebrate the beginning of our new school year, Harvest, Christmas, Easter and to celebrate our leavers. Parents are invited to join us to celebrate and worship on these occasions.

The children also attend festivals at Rochester Cathedral during the school year.