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Personal, Social and Health Education


PSHE is normally taught through our termly themes. This means that they may not be taught in a weekly lesson but can be taught in a block set of lessons.

Each class follows the SEAL (Social and Emotional  Aspects of Learning) through the Circle Time programme weekly. If a class teacher feels that the children need to stop and resolve some issues that have become apparent during the day that cannot wait until their allotted circle time they can stop and use this strategy to discuss the problem in a safe and secure environment.


Circle Time

Circle Time is a time for children to gather together to share their personal feelings and ideas about anything that is significant to them. It provides a structured mechanism for solving problems, in which all participants have an equal footing. Showing the children that their opinions count, encouraging them to safely express their feelings and make real choices. Circle Time affords the opportunity for the teacher and class to communicate with each other about issues which promote self-esteem and positive behavior.

At all saints we follow the SEAL through circle time programme which consists of 7 themes, these are:
New Beginnings
Good to be me
Going for goals
Getting on and falling out
Say no to bullying
Each theme is taught termly except for Say no to bullying, this is taught as a block week during anti-bullying week (normally in November) Although All saints promotes positive attitudes and behavior at all times and follows the Golden Rules systems.
We also run a block week of lessons promoting road safety, the children learn about how to stay safe on the roads when walking, riding bikes and playing outside. they are also taught how to be safe when travelling in a car (seat belts)


We also run a school council group that has two representatives form each year groups 1-6. They aim to meet every two weeks and give their class a voice within the working school.