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St Paul

Welcome to St Paul’s Class!

There are 22 children in our reception class, and we share our learning environment with St Peter’s class

Our teacher is Miss Beeson

Our class teaching assistants are Mrs Toms, Mrs Simon and Miss Hinton

Computing is taught by Mrs Keen and RE is taught by Mrs Cook.

Below we have listed some helpful things about our class that we thought you might find useful to know.


Our Learning

  • Our teachers use the EYFS curriculum for our planning, and we base our learning around what we are interested in. Have a look here: Statuary Framework         Curriculum
  • We learn our phonics for reading through the RWI programme. Parents can find out more here: Read, Write Inc
  • We start our mathematical learning as a whole class and then we divide into smaller groups, so that our learning is tailored to the needs of our group. Our work is mostly practical, but we are also encouraged to record our own mathematical thinking.
  • We are very lucky to have a dedicated French teacher come into our class on a Friday morning to teach us lots of French songs and phrases.
  • We are taught RE and computing on Wednesdays. In RE we follow a programme from the Rochester diocese, Understanding Christianity.  You can find more information on the RE page.
  • Reading and writing is very important to us and is a school focus this year. You can find out more here: Reading and Writing


Curriculum Challenges

Every term we have a curriculum challenge related to the theme/learning we are doing.

This is normally sent out in the first week of term and the children hand it in near the end of that term.

The children who win the challenge are then rewarded by Mrs Judges for all their hard work!

Find our curriculum challenges here:



  • PE day is on Thursdays.
  • We need to wear plain dark shorts, plain white T shirt and plimsolls or trainers.
  • When it is cold outside we cover up with a pair of plain dark tracksuit bottoms or leggings and our school jumper.
  • Our hair is tied back if it is long.
  • We take any jewellery off at home before we come to school.
  • We cover newly pierced earrings up with tape that parents put on at home before school.



  • We change our sharing books every Friday, but we have the opportunity to change them ourselves every day if we want to.
  • When we are given a reading book, we can change these twice a week.
  • We have alternate maths or literacy homework on a Friday (from term 3), and this is due in the following Thursday.

We have a ‘show off’ read when we have finished our RWI guided reading unit.



  • We stick to the 6 very important golden rules that every class in the school tries to follow. These are:
  • Do be gentle
  • Do be kind and helpful
  • Do work hard
  • Do listen
  • Do be honest
  • Do look after property

We have a traffic lights system in class where ‘green to go’ is rewarded, and red and yellow behaviours result in clearly defined consequences. If we move our face to yellow, we miss five minutes of our playtime. If we move our face to red, we will be taken to another class.




  • When we do fantastic work, we earn a sticker for our reward chart!
  • When we have earned 5 stickers, we can pick something special from the prize box. For every 5 we get, we can choose another prize. Our names will be put into the school praise book and will be read out in Collective Worship on Friday, so that everybody can give us a round of applause.


Partnership Power

  • We have an informal open door policy in Foundation Stage.
  • If you wish to speak to our teacher, you can come in in the mornings or after school, once all the children have been seen off safely.

If these times are not convenient for you, you can phone up the school office (01634 338922) and request that the teacher phones you back to arrange a more mutually convenient time. Or, you can write a note requesting an appointment and send it in your child’s book bag.


Come on in!

If you would like to come into school for a one off session to see how and what your child is learning and experience life as part of the class, please contact Miss Beeson or Miss O’Connor – the more visitors we have in school the merrier!





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