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St Anne

Welcome to St Anne’s Class!


We are a class of year 3 and year 4  pupils in the lower key stage two part of the school.

Our teachers are: Mrs Reynolds.

Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Neil.

Below we have listed some helpful things about our class that we thought you might find useful to know.



  • PE day is on Wednesdays.
  • We need to wear plain dark shorts, plain white T shirt and plimsolls or trainers.
  • When it is cold outside we cover up with a pair of plain dark tracksuit bottoms or leggings and our school jumper.
  • Our hair is tied back if it is long.
  • We take any jewellery we are wearing off ourselves.
  • We cover newly pierced earrings up with tape that parents provide us with ourselves.


  • We are given spellings and timetables on a Monday to practise every night during the week.
  • We are tested on these in class on Fridays.
  • We are given maths on Wednesdays and bring this back on Monday.
  • We are given writing or GPAS on Fridays and bring this back on Monday too.
  • We are expected to spend approximately 30 mins on each piece of homework.


  • We stick to the 6 golden rules that every class in the school tries to follow.
  • Do be gentle – do be kind and helpful – do work hard – do listen – do be honest – do look after property.
  • We have a traffic lights system in class where ‘green to go’ is rewarded and red and orange behaviours result in clearly defined and understood red and orange consequences.


  • Individuals are rewarded in class by winning raffle tickets. Then, at the end of the week if our raffle ticket is pulled out of the hat we get to choose an item out of the class prize box. Individuals’ names are read out of the whole school praise book on Mondays in assembly too.
  • Table groups are rewarded in class by being given some extra minutes of play.
  • Our whole class rewards are negotiated with the class teacher at the start of every term. We all put forward ideas of what we would like our reward to be then we vote for the most popular prize and work together as a class team to collect tokens to see whether we can win it during the last week of term.

Our Learning

  • Each term we base our learning around a cross curricular theme (See the links below for more details).
  • We have a superstarter day to begin our theme learning and a fantastic finisher day to end it (See the links below for photos showing how great these days are and how much we enjoy our learning).
  • We have a daily maths lesson that is taught discretely to theme using our new school scheme taught across all three schools in the MAST called ‘Maths – No problem’.
  • We are taught PE and RE once a week and separately too.

Partnership Power

  • We have an informal open door policy in lower key stage two.
  • If you wish to speak to our teacher just catch her on the playground at the end of the school day after she has safely seen all of the children in the class out to their appropriate adult.
  • If after school is not convenient to you: phone up the school office and request that the teacher phones you back to arrange a more mutually convenient time.
  • Failing all of the above – write a note to the teacher asking to speak to them and get your child to pass it on.

Come on in!

  • If you have a few spare hours a week and would like to volunteer to help out in class, at lunchtimes or at the allotment just let your child’s teacher know and they will get Miss Strachan to contact you about it. We could always do with an extra pair of hands!!!
  • If you would like to come into school for a one off session to see how and what your child is learning and experience life as part of the class again speak to the teacher or Miss Strachan – the more visitors we have in school the merrier.

Termly Themes


Term 1

Groovy Greeks


Term 2

Food Glorious Food


Term 3

Riotous Romans


Term 4

Twists and Turns


Term 5

Forces of Nature


Term 6

The Battering Blitz




Literacy Star Work


Click on the link to see samples of our class literacy star work each week and the LKS2 spellings that we will learn this year.

Maths Star Work

Click on the link to see samples of our class maths star work each week.

Chocolate Challenge Winners

Click on the link to see a gallery of our weekly chocolate challenge winners.

Maths Rox Winners

Click on the link to see a gallery of our termly multiplication masters.