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St Patrick

Welcome to St Patrick!

We are a class of year 1 pupils and year 2 pupils.

Our teachers are Miss Blackman and Miss Parr.

Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Smith


Below we have listed some helpful things about our class that we thought you might find useful to know.


Our Learning

At All Saints, we teach a creative curriculum which is taught through termly themes. In KS1, English and all foundation subjects (history, geography, art and DT) are taught through our themes.  

Our themes begin with a super starter activity to get the children hooked on the subject, they have in the past included crimes to solve, visitors, trips or mysterious packages to investigate!

The theme ends with a fantastic finisher. These are equally exciting celebrations of their learning!

The children love this way of learning and are very enthusiastic about continuing their learning at home. Maths, RE, PE, Computing and French are taught discretely.



All children throughout the school all follow the same Golden rules at all times and are encouraged and rewarded for being ‘green to go’.


The Golden Rules are:

  • Do Listen – Don’t interrupt
  • Do be gentle – Don’t hurt others
  • Do be kind and helpful – Don’t hurt other people’s feelings
  • Do be honest – Don’t cover up the truth
  • Do look after property – Don’t waste or damage things
  • Do work hard – Don’t waste yours or others’ time

If, after a reminder, a child continues to break a rule, their name will be moved on our class traffic lights. Each colour (yellow, orange and red) has a number of possible consequences, such as loss of play time.



If a child has broken our Golden Rules and has had to move their name, they given the opportunity to earn their way back to green. If, at lunch time and home time, all of the children in the class are “green to go” they earn a gold star. Children are rewarded individually with stickers and raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are placed into the class box and a draw is done at the end of each day. Winners are able to take a prize from the class treasure chest!



Children are expected to read and practise spellings and times tables every day. Please make sure you record in their reading record book when you listen to them read - this way they can move up our reading ladder! After consultation with parents a new homework policy was put in place. Children are set one piece of homework on a Friday (alternating between maths and literacy each week). This piece of homework should take roughly 20 minutes and children do not need to spend longer than this unless they wish to! 


All children at Al Saints love a challenge! They know that a challenge is a chance to get even better at whatever it is they are learning. Children are given challenges during every lesson and on the end of every piece of homework. The homework challenge and the class chocolate challenge are optional but we encourage children to complete them. They are also given the chance to enter the termly curriculum challenge for the chance to win a reward. 



PE takes place on a Monday. Please ensure your child has a full PE in school on this day. Children will need jogging bottoms if we are outside. Children must be able to take out their ear rings before the lesson and are responsible for looking after these. It may be easier for you to remove them on PE days. If your child is unable to remove their ear rings, they must come to school with tape on their ears or you can show your child how to apply the tape themselves before the lesson. This is not ideal as it can still lead to accidents!


Supporting learning at home

Linking family days out to our theme is a brilliant way to continue your childs learning at home however it is not always an option for everybody, we will try to give you links to websites, the titles of books you can borrow from the library , or ideas for make and do activities that will be fun for all! Children love coming into school and telling the class what they’ve learnt.