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Art at All Saints!

Art manager – Mrs Reynolds


How is art taught at All Saints?

At All Saints, foundation subjects are taught through termly themes. As art is a foundation subject, it is linked to and taught through the theme for that term. For example, in term 1, UKS2 studied and created their own pop art drawings as part of their learning about America. Art is taught at least every other term.


How will art be developed this year?

At All Saints, all children are encouraged to be as creative and artistic as possible. This will be further developed this year by:

  • Providing the opportunity for children to take part in an after school art club each week.
  • Providing the opportunity for children to take part in a whole school art challenge later in the year.
  • Providing children with more opportunities to write during art lessons (evaluating their own work or the work of others).



Challenge is part of every lesson at All Saints, including art lessons. As well as the art challenge coming later in the year, children are also encouraged to take part in curriculum challenges which very often require children to use their artistic talents!

At Home

Encouraging your child to be artistic at home will help them to develop their imagination and creativity which will, in turn, help them in all areas of the curriculum. Not only this, but children enjoy art and love being able to express themselves artistically. This could be painting, drawing, cutting, sticking or using chalks or pastels. A google search of ‘craft activities for children’ will bring up lots of great ideas!


More Information

If you would like any more information about Art, please email the school office or come and speak to Mrs Reynolds after school.