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All Saints

C of E Primary School

Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.









St Anne

Welcome to St Anne Class!


Our All Saints family shall ARISE and shine for the light of The Lord is upon us...


We are a class of Year 3 pupils in the Lower Key Stage 2 part of the school.

Our teacher is: Miss Burgess

Our teaching assistant is: Miss Mercer



Teacher Email


Please email me with any further questions about St. Anne.

I'd be glad to help you!



Our Curriculum

Last year, we adopted a curriculum which is published by Cornerstones. English and all foundation subjects: History, Geography, Art, DT and Music are taught through our termly theme. Cornerstones will provide our children with a good level of challenge, giving them opportunities to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding across the full range of National Curriculum subjects.


Year 3 will experience 3 Imaginative Learning Projects in a year. Each individual project is split into sections, which see children progress through four stages of learning: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. We are confident that our curriculum will instill a curiosity and love of learning/school in our children. It will help them maintain their well-being and provide opportunities for each of them to achieve their full potential. 

Our Term 5 & 6 Topic Emperors and Empires
Over the year, the children will learn many things through our projects and our topic for terms 5 and 6 is 'Emperors and Empires'.  This term, the children in St. Anne will be learning about important and insignificant Roman Emperors, Boudicca's rebellion and life in the Roman Empire. St. Anne will have the opportunity to write fantastic letters to the Trinovante Tribe in present perfect tense, whilst pretending to be Boudicca, asking for help to fight the roman invasion. Furthermore, the children will choose their favourite Roman Emperor and write an interesting biography about their lives! In science, the children will be exploring the parts of plants: what they are, what they do and where they are located in the plant. St. Anne will even have the opportunity to conduct an experiment investigating how water is transported around plants which I am sure they will thoroughly enjoy. St. Anne also will practise their sketching and then create their own colourful roman mosaics using different mediums and colours. Finally, the children will be learning more about fractions and time in maths whereby they will also develop their skills of reading analogue and digital clocks. Here's to more exciting learning for St Anne!





P.E days are on Mondays and Friday

Monday: Indoor

Friday: Outdoor

Please ensure your child brings their PE kit to change into on these days. 

Children may need jogging bottoms if we are outside as the weather changes. Children must be able to take out their ear rings before the lesson and are responsible for looking after these. If your child is unable to remove their ear rings, they must come to school with tape on their ears or you can show your child how to apply the tape themselves before the lesson.



Homework will be sent home on a Friday.

 There will be a maths, literacy, spelling and reading task for the children to complete. Homework should be returned to school by the following Thursday. In addition to this, children will have a weekly spelling test every Friday based on the spellings sent home the previous week. Children should practice their weekly spellings for 5 minutes every night. Below are the common exception words that year 3 children should be able to spell by the end of Year 3. Furthermore, children are expected to read their book, sent home from school, and to practice their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables for 5 minutes every night. Children can practice the recall of their times tables on Times Table Rock Stars whereby homework will be set each week. To access TTRS, children only need to input their Accelerated Reader logins


Knowledge Organisers

Please remember to look at your Knowledge Organisers each night at home and quiz your child on the different interesting facts on both sides! The information on these sheets should be easily recalled by the children once the topic is completed. Children may also wish to extend their learning beyond the knowledge organiser if they have a specific interest in the topic. Please use the knowledge organiser as a starting point for any extra study.

The knowledge organiser for our current topic, 'Through the Ages', will be sent home with your children.




Behaviour Expectations

St. Anne class are expected to follow the school’s Golden Rules at all times and are encouraged and rewarded for being ‘Green to go’.


The Golden Rules are:

  • We respect and follow our school values.
  • We work hard to achieve and shine brightly.
  • We listen carefully and follow instructions.
  • We are kind, gentle, inclusive and supportive.
  • We look after property.
  • We are safe and honest so everyone can enjoy school.


  • We show love and play nicely with everybody in our school family
  • We speak with kindness at all times 
  • We have faith and work hard so that tricky things get easier for us
  • We show respect by listening well


If, after a reminder, a child continues to break a rule, their name will be moved on our class traffic lights. Each colour (yellow, orange and red) has a number of possible consequences, such as loss of play time. If a child has to move their name, they given the opportunity to earn their way back to green by sticking to the golden rules and showing “green to go” behaviour.


Rewards and Prizes


Individuals are rewarded for positive behaviour and effort in class by winning House points. Each child has an house and there are collective house winners at the end of each term.

Children also receive prizes in class for amazing work, achieving their best in their learning, such as:

  • 10/10 spelling score
  • 25/25  three times in Timestables Rockstars practice
  • Stars of the Week
  • Hitting their Accelerated Reader Targets.


Individual children are selected for our Whole School Praise Book and their names are read out on Fridays in assembly. 


This includes the ‘Green to Go’ award for the child in class who has shown increased effort, drive, determination or resilience. We also have a Maths star and a Literacy star each week.


Apply yourself in learning, follow the golden rules, have a great week and it’s sure to be you!


Our whole class rewards are negotiated with the class teacher at the start of term. We all put forward ideas of what we would like our reward to be then we vote for the most popular prize and work together as a class team to add points to our class chart. We all have different ones – ask your children about theirs.


We understand that every child is unique and so, we adapt our learning to suit all needs. Similarly, if your child is registered with the school as having specific special learning needs, please look at the home learning links to meet their requirements attached to this link. Thank you.

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.