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All Saints

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.










Our All Saints family shall ARISE and shine for the light of The Lord is upon us



Ms Williams is the science manager at All Saints and she loves carrying out weird and wonderful experiments!




At All Saints CofE Primary, science is an integral part of our curriculum.  It is our intent to create a curriculum that is broad and balanced, inclusive and engaging for all pupils. 

  • We aim to deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities that enable all pupils to shine and achieve their personal best
  • We create a safe and supportive environment for all pupils to give them the confidence to develop their scientific skills
  • We provide opportunities for children to share their ideas and facilitate an environment where all these ideas are respected
  • Teamwork is a skill that we encourage and we believe that this is essential to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils



At All Saints CofE Primary:


  • Pupils engage in a variety of scientific activities and investigations within their topics
  • Pupils develop their scientific knowledge and investigative skills
  • The long-term plan for science sets out the progression and ensures that the National Curriculum requirements are fully met
  • Planning is inclusive and is adapted, where necessary, to meet the needs of all pupils
  • Assessment is carried out regularly to monitor and track pupils progress in science and the information is used to ensure that pupils are given support where needed or challenged
  • We provide opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities, through after school clubs



At All Saints CofE Primary we aspire for all children to achieve their best and develop skills that they can apply across the curriculum. 

  • Pupil voice demonstrates that children enjoy science across the school
  • Pupils are progressing well across the school
  • Pupils scientific achievements both in and out of school are recognised and celebrated
  • Science will play more and more of a part in our children’s futures and careers and we believe strongly in preparing them for this.




Challenge in science

We provide challenge for children in every lesson. This could be through a task, specific questioning or in the form of a differentiated extension task. We want to allow every child to reach their potential.


We will also be running a Science Challenge later in the year for all children to take part. The winners will get to spend an afternoon creating some seriously good experiments!


We will also be developing more links between the other schools within the MAST and setting up quizzes for pupils from each school for pupils in both LKS2 and UKS2.



How can you support your children in science?


Some links below with ideas of games and ideas to help you support your child. The most important thing is to get them thinking scientifically – asking questions and being curious about the world. Talk to them about science in your homes and in the media. If you need any further support please let me know.

Primary Science     Family Experiments     Making Science Fun     Science Kidz


Fun links...

Some fun links and games that will help support and extend your learning. If you find any more please let us know!

Science games

Newsround science

KS2 link

KS1 link



Many thanks super scientists,

Miss Williams



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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.