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Subject Teacher Madame Delyfer



Learning a language…
1. Improves your grasp of English.
2. Enhances your confidence.
3. Gives you a wider understanding of world affairs.
4. Widens your career / job options.
5. Improves international relations.
6. Makes travelling easier and more enjoyable.
7. Connects the world and promotes peace.
8. Helps you make friends in new countries.
9. Shows you are open minded and tolerant.
10.Boosts brain power.


French is taught across all KS2 classes at our school. The following schemes of work ensure that the children’s learning progresses year after year and that they attain well meeting the standards expected of them in the MFL section of the National Curriculum.

Usually all French lessons begin with some fun French singing – this part of the lesson has had to be postponed due to Covid.



Chantez Plus Fort!

Is a scheme of work containing 20 easy-to-learn French songs. Whilst enjoying the songs children broaden their vocabulary and hone their listening skills and pronunciation.


The songs introduce and reinforce key vocabulary for popular topics, such as:

  • greetings
  • names and ages
  • time, days of the week, and months
  • shapes, colours and sizes
  • family and pets
  • food and drink
  • classroom items
  • weather


Singing French!

Is a collection of fun songs and chants for practising vocabulary and phrases. ‘Singing French’ makes learning easy and achievable through a clever use of repetition, rhythm and melody.

Singing French topics list:

  1. Bonjour : Greetings
  2. Comment t'appelles-tu?: Greetings
  3. Un deux trois: numbers and pets
  4. A douze: numbers from 1 to 12
  5. Ma trousse: stationary
  6. La semaine: days of the week
  7. Onze à vingt: numbers from 11 to 20
  8. L'alphabet; alphabet
  9. Ma famille: family members
  10. Mon monstre: adjectives
  11. Zéro à cent: numbers up to 100
  12. Joyeyx anniversaire; birthdays and months
  13. Où habites-tu?: where do you live
  14. Où est-il?: prepositions
  15. J'ai soif, j'ai faim: food and drinks
  16. A la boulangerie: bakery goods
  17. La météo: weather
  18. Les vacances: holidays
  19. Aller à l'école: transports
  20. Le football: sports
  21. Quelle heure est-il?: time
  22. La machine à laver: items of clothing


Early Start 1 & 2 is used in year groups 3-4

The ES 1 scheme of work and its films help young beginners enjoy their first steps in Primary French and finding out about everyday life in France.


ES 2 is a continuation scheme of work building on the language children have previously learned which helps stretch and extend young learners.  They find out more about culture in France and how it is similar/different to their own.





Hocus and Lotus is used in year groups 5-6

Hocus and Lotus is a scheme of work based on a series of mini cartoons about 2 dinosaurs who are learning about modern day France. In each cartoon, Hocus and Lotus experience fantastic and exciting adventures that teach them new vocabulary and aspects of everyday French culture. The children in class learn along with them through the narratives told and they are expected to answer questions about, read short extracts on and listen and speak about their adventures.

Hocus and Lotus provides children with a context for their learning whereas Early Start provides children with a basic vocabulary upon which to build their understanding of a context upon.



The children at All Saints love their lessons in French as they cater for all learning styles and they achieve well in terms of National Curriculum expectations.


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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.