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Music at All Saints School

Our Music Manager is Miss Aviss


Welcome to the Music page!


How we teach music:

Here at All Saints the children are taught music throughout the school. Teachers aim to promote a love of singing, composing and appraising. All classes teach music through our new curriculum. Some of the themes are more music based than others so that may mean that music is not always taught weekly. Our music-heavy themes mean that children have longer to appraise and compose their own piece of music, allowing time for self and peer assessment of their composition. 


As well as using our voices and various instruments, we make use of electronic equipment to compose, appraise and record music.



At present, due to Coronavirus restrictions, we are not running a school choir. However, we are looking to get an outdoor choir up and running when possible.


An overview of how Music is taught in different parts of the school:

  • In EYFS, the children are provided with opportunities to sing, respond to and create music with a range of instruments.
  • In KS1, the children are taught music discretely within their theme topic when applicable. They use their voices expressively and creatively, play instruments and listen to a range of high-quality live and recorded music.
  • In KS2, the children are also taught music discretely. They play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, and improvise and compose music for a range of purposes. We aim to develop an understanding of the history of music and an appreciation of high-quality live and recorded music from different traditions, composers and musicians.



Development plans for Music

There are key areas for the development of Music throughout the school. Some of the current initiatives taking place this year include:

  • Ensuring that there is challenge during each music lesson to make sure that children’s learning is being extended.
  • Providing specialised training to staff to support them in using Music Express.
  • Increasing the provision for music across the school.



At Home:

If your child takes part in any musical activities outside of school please do let their class teacher know so we can celebrate their achievements. 


Take a look at this list of websites and games:

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.