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All Saints

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

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All Saints Nursery

Our School Nursery is located on a satellite site opposite our school Church up on Magpie Hall Road by All Saints Gardens - approximately a 5 minute walk from the main school.

In the event of a school closure, partial school closure or pupil absence due to isolation please click on this link to take you to our class remote/ blended learning page.


What will my child be doing? 

We strongly believe that young children learn best through play. We organise each day so that children will be engaged in a balance of adult initiated and child initiated (freely chosen) activities inside and outdoors. There are daily singing, prayer and story times.  


A rich a varied environment supports children’s learning and development. Our classrooms are organised into different areas so that children can take part in a range of experiences. The areas include: 

Art and craft area – This area includes a variety of paints, papers, pens and junk modelling items allowing the children to express their creative side.  

Role play -This area allows the children to take on a role, dress up and recreate familiar scenes, such as feeding a baby or cooking dinner. 

Book area – This area allows the children to either share stories or rhymes with friends or adults. 

Construction and small world area – This area includes the small world toys such as farm, jungle animals, train track and cars as well as a variety of building bricks and blocks. 

Investigation area – Here the children will have access to sand, water and other sensory materials such as gloop and playdough. 

Music area – This area allows children to explore a range of musical instruments as well as singing and dancing. 

Garden area – Being outside gives children the freedom to run, jump and climb. They get to exercise and develop their gross motor skills. They can also take part in the same activities as inside but often on a larger scale. 


We are lucky to be able to join in with special events and enrichment days at the main Primary School, where appropriate. 


What will my child be learning?  


How will I know how my child is getting on? 

We are always friendly and approachable so if you ever have any questions please ask. We are always keen to share your child’s achievements with you. Each child will have an online ‘Learning Journal’ celebrating their learning journey.  



Throughout their time with us we will add photographs, written observations by staff and samples of the children's mark making to their Tapestry journal. You will quickly be able to see just how busy your child is whilst they are at nursery and all the exciting activities they are engaged in. You will have access to your own child's journal and will even be able to add their learning from home. 

What should my child wear? 


Nursery can be a messy place with paint, glue, water and sand. We encourage the children to use aprons but accidents do happen so please bear this in mind when dressing your child for nursery. All children need to bring a spare set of clothes in a labelled bag to be kept on their peg during their session. Each child needs to bring a pair of indoor shoes such as a pair of slippers in their nursery bag each day. 


We want to encourage independence and so children need to wear clothes they can get in and out of when using the toilet. Shoes should be sensible flat shoes so that children can walk and run safely when playing outside. To support independence children’s shoes should have fastening that children can do themselves or with a little support.  


Children will have the opportunity to learn through play outside every day, so please ensure that they come with clothing appropriate for the changeable weather. We ask that children bring wellies so that they can play on the wet ground and splash in the puddles when it’s raining. 




What should my child bring to nursery? 

  • A spare set of clothes 

  • A pair of indoor shoes 

  • A waterproof coat 

  • Wellies 

  • Nappies (if used) and wipes in a named bag 

  • A sunhat and suncream in hot weather 


What if I have any concerns or worries? 

If you ever have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to speak to us. We welcome any comments or suggestions, which could help us to ensure we are providing the best learning experiences for your child in order for them to ARISE. (Achieve, Respect, Include, Support and Enjoy). We look forward to welcoming you soon and to working in partnership and enabling your child to achieve their potential. 


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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.