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Home Learning Links and Guides

Please look at the links below that take you to extra work for your child to complete at home. There are links for SEND work and some helpful tips on how to motivate your child to sit down at do their school work at home because we know that not all children/parents find this easy.

In the event of a school closure we will do everything we can to ensure your child's education continues. Please take a look at your child's class page to see what work has been set by their teacher.


Here you will also find links and advice to try and stop you going stir crazy in the event of the need for self isolation or a lockdown!

Here are some links to free software we use in school.

This is a story generator to get you started if you are running out of ideas. You don't need to actually write the whole story, why not focus on describing the setting, the personality of the main characters, write the first part of the story then publish on seesaw for somebody in your class to finish.


You could choose a person in history and create a time line of their life, you could send them a letter or send yourself a letter from them. You can create a comic strip about their life or write their diary. You could create videos that they might post on their YouTube channel, blogs or podcasts. Check out the BBC Bitesize history section to get some ideas.

Have a look at another county on Google earth. What do they make? What is their weather like? What food do they like to eat? What clothes would you need to take if you went on holiday? Are they famous for a sport? What wildlife lives there?


Perhaps you could write a travel blog or video yourself cooking a traditional dish. You could send postcards home or keep a diary telling everybody what you have seen or done whilst you were there.


We all know how vital reading is to your child's learning but getting hold of books at the moment is difficult for lots of us.

We have contacted Medway Libraries who are an amazing team of people and are ready and waiting for your calls! They can help you apply for a library card if you or your child don't already have one, this can all be done online. Once you are a member of the library you can reserve books with their click and collect service, you can also download books using an app called Libby.

If you have a library card but can't find it or don't know your 4 digit pin, or have any queries at all just give them a call and they will work their magic.


Amazon have lots of books that you can download for free onto a Kindle or another device with the Kindle app. 

As we find sites that are offering free online books or hear of anything else that will help you we will let you know.


Children can take their AR quizes during normal school hours, please don't use Google to find the AR school page because it will not work. You must use the link on the class page.

Happy Reading!

Some advice from families who home school their children.


1. Hold a family meeting

Talk to your children about this 'new normal,' and let them know that while they may be at home, there is still school work that must completed.


2. Create a daily timetable

It's important to have set hours for school, meals, chores and other daily activities.


3. Help children create a learning space

Help them create their own work space — at the kitchen table, on their bed, in a comfy chair in the living room.


4. Don't be afraid to bribe them

Some children are self-motivated but some may need time limits or incentives like, 'You need to finish ABC before you can XYZ.' It's much easier to accomplish what you need to first thing in the morning, before the whole day slips by.





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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.