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History at All Saints

Subject Manager – Mrs Amey

Welcome to the History page! Here at All Saints the children are taught History throughout the school. Teachers aim to promote a love of learning about the past and how it has influenced life today. Children are taught to understand the chronological aspects of History whilst also developing the key enquiry skills which are needed by Historians. Sources are used to raise questions about people who lived in the past, and these questions are answered throughout the term.


An overview of how History is taught within the school

  • In EYFS, the children are provided with opportunities to find out more about the world in which they live in and the people/things which they encounter. The children engage with their local community and are able to present their own views.
  • In KS1, the children are taught history through their theme topic. Children are provided with opportunities to develop their awareness of the past and understand the concept of chronology. Children focus on significant individuals, events beyond living memory and also significant events within the locality.
  • In KS2, once again the children are taught history through their theme topic. Children are encouraged to act as investigators, using sources and objects to find out about people in the past.  Trends and links throughout history are developed in KS2, with children constructing informed responses to historical issues.

Development plans for History

There are key areas for the development of History throughout the school. Some of the new initiatives taking place this year include:

  • The engagement in challenge during each history lesson to make sure that children’s learning are being extended.
  • History lessons will provide more opportunities for extended writing. Allowing children to practise their writing for different genres and audiences.
  • The provision of historical fiction books to engage children in new topics.
  • The provision of an after school history club (post Covid-19) to develop enquiry skills and a passion for the subject.
  • A range of training sessions in teaching history will be provided for all teaching and support staff
  • To develop the role as History subject leader.
  • To develop more rigorous systems for the monitoring of History throughout the school.
  •  To increase the provision of challenge within history throughout school.

  • To make links with other schools.

  • To advise teaching staff and support staff on how to develop the teaching of history further.


    A History display board in the school to help promote the subject.

How challenge is provided in History   

Every History lesson taught within school will contain a challenge for the children to complete when they have finished their main learning. This challenge will be visible for the pupils and communicated with the children by the class teacher. Holiday homework will include activities which link to the local area and encourage engagement with heritage and the local area. Although not statutory, the children will be encouraged to engage with this challenge to develop their knowledge of the local area and its role within history.  Curriculum challenges (completed as extra work during term time), based on cross curricular theme work, do focus on a historical theme throughout the year.


Enriching children's learning in History   

Pupils have the opportunity to visit places of Historical interest including the Tower of London ad more locally The Guildhall Museum in Rochester. When possible we have visitors in school too eg on Super Starter and Fantastic Finisher Days who bring in items of historical interest to share with the children. Trips and visitors are obviously currently suspended due to Covid-19 but will resume again once it is safe to do so.



If you would like any specific information please speak to your child’s teacher or the school’s History Manager.




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Our All Saints family shall arise and

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