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Maths at All Saints

Maths Manager - Mrs Nicola Milton 

We live in a world of mathematics. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed we need to use maths skills throughout each and every day. We just don’t recognise we are doing it! But we are…



At All Saints CofE Primary, maths is an integral part of our curriculum.  We strive to create a curriculum that is inclusive and engaging for all pupils.  We aim to deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities that enable all children to achieve their personal best and develop a love of maths.  We create a safe and supportive environment for all pupils to give them the confidence to develop their mathematical skills.  Pupils have many opportunities to work together and we believe that this is essential to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Mathematics is important in everyday life and the purpose of Mathematics at All Saints C of E Primary School is :-

  • To develop and achieve an ability to solve problems,
  • To reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately.
  • To ensure All children are challenged and encouraged to enjoy and to excel in Maths.
  • To introduce new mathematical concepts using a ‘Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract’ approach; enabling all children to experience hands-on learning when discovering new mathematical topics, and allowing them to have clear models and images to aid their understanding.
  • To practise daily arithmetic and basic maths skills in order to ensure key mathematical concepts are embedded and to provide children with opportunities to recall this information to see the links between topics in Maths.



Maths at All Saints: 

  • Maths fluency skills are taught daily - focussing on key mathematical skills including place value, the four operations and fractions.
  • A range of reasoning resources are used to challenge all children and give them the opportunity to reason with their understanding.
  • During each session, the children have a  maths challenge question which deepens their learning and at the end of every lesson the children complete an Assessment for Learning (AFL) task.

  • Children are taught through differentiated small groups and mixed ability whole class lessons.
  • Lessons use a Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach to guide children through their understanding of mathematical processes. 
  • Consolidation lessons are used to revisit previous learning and ensure Maths skills are embedded.
  • Same day Maths interventions are used to support children and to ensure children are ready for their next Maths lesson.
  • Homework is set to develop and review children's learning. 
  • Where possible, links are made with other subjects across the curriculum.



As a result of our Maths teaching at All Saints you will see:

  • Engaged children who are all challenged.
  • Confident children who can all talk about Maths and their learning and the links between Mathematical topics.
  • Lessons that use a variety of resources to support learning.
  • Different representations of mathematical concepts.
  • Learning that is tracked and monitored to ensure all children make good progress. 


Because of the need to ensure that children can use maths effectively in their everyday lives, both as youngsters and later as adults, at All Saints we deliver a daily maths lesson. The National Curriculum documents below contain details about what children in each year group must be taught in these areas.  The school policy documents contains further  details of how our school teaches them.

Maths Progression Grid 2022-23



An overview of each year groups maths and an example of 'Fluent in Five' and 'Rapid Reasoning' can be accessed below.

Development plans for Maths


This years  Maths development plan focuses on ensuring consistency and effectiveness in the way maths is taught and assessed across the school and further develop partnership with the schools in the MAST.  Some of the new initiatives taking place this year include:

  • New termly overviews
  • New assessment tracking of reviews impacting on planning
  • Termly times table champion
  • Cross school moderation sessions in the MAST
  • Maths Day

Challenge in Maths


Every maths session includes a challenge question for the children to complete once they have completed their main learning.  Every piece of maths homework includes a challenge  which we ask parents to encourage children to complete.  All holiday homework 'pick and mix' homework will include maths challenges.

Children can be selected  to join the Maths Masters Challenge Club where they receive additional weekly problem solving activities.



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