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All Saints

C of E Primary School

Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.









Religious Education

Our All Saints family shall ARISE and shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.


Religious Education and Spiritual Development

Manager: Miss Ammah


The school is distinctive in character as a Church of England Primary School. The work in both Religious Education and Spiritual Development emphasises the Christian way of life and promotes Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development. Pupils recite the school vision daily: 

"Our all Saints family shall ARISE and shine for the light of the Lord is upon us."



At All Saints, the RE curriculum is central to the development of all pupils as functioning members of society. Not only is this through the Christian ethos that runs central to our daily practises as a community, but also through the provision of a well-established, creative curriculum that emphasises the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all pupils. A progressive curriculum is provided that is built upon each year providing both knowledge and skills development so all children can achieve. It is our intent that our school values of achieve, respect, include, support and enjoy (ARISE) remain a golden thread as pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of the wider world and for their own personal development and mental wellbeing.



The RE curriculum at All Saints is implemented through the use of resources from ‘Understanding Christianity’. This base provides an in-depth analysis of Christianity beyond just knowledge, but the opportunity for the development of personal world views and spirituality. Pupils revisit core concepts of Christianity including: Creation, the fall, incarnation, the gospels, the Kingdom of God and Salvation; widening their understanding of critical events but most significantly, making connections between faith, action and forming their own moral groundings.

In addition, pupils explore other faiths beyond Christianity fostering the acceptance we reiterate through our school values, whilst preparing them for life in modern Britain. All pupils are challenged to make connections between their learning from years past and between faiths, providing their opinions by answering their lesson’s key question’. Pupils are assessed at the end of each lesson as to whether they have attained the core focus of the lesson through their understanding and participation in critical discussions.

 RE at All Saints is more than the recall of religious festivals, but evaluating and analysing the behaviours and attitudes of those of different faiths and appraising their impact in the modern world for the personal development of each individual pupil.



As children progress through the RE curriculum at All Saints, they become critical thinkers who can voice their opinions on philosophical questions using the theological groundings they have developed during their time here. Pupils feel confident in learning about the diverse experiences of those around them as they demonstrate the values held here at All Saints. Their progressive revisiting of Christian doctrine, provides them with the opportunity to develop their sense of morality based on principles they have explored, in order to best prepare for the wider world.



Spiritual Development

A daily act of worship is undertaken where we gather together as a school, engage the children in the act of worship, reflect on what they have learned and then send them off with a view to incorporate this learning into their daily lives. A daily prayer or reflection is included in this time. Throughout the day, pupils are provided opportunities to pray in the morning, before lunch and when leaving school.



Through all of the above pupils develop an awareness of and respect for the beliefs and feelings of those within the school and wider community.


We visit our local Church (St Paul with All Saints, Chatham) across the school year for events such as, Harvest, Christmas, Easter and to celebrate our leavers. Parents are invited to join us to celebrate and worship on these occasions. The children also attend festivals at Rochester Cathedral during the school year.




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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.