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Our All Saints family shall arise and

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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Please make sure you look at our MAST details also.

Mrs Janet Harsent - chair

Mrs Janet Harsent - Chair of Governors


The remit and impact of the governing body of All Saints Church of England Primary School.

The Governing Body of All Saints School is pleased to welcome the nursery based at the nearby Children’s Centre into the All Saints family. It is the realisation of a long held aim to have our own All Saints Nursery. Thanks are due to the MAST Board for their work to bring this about and to the nursery staff for a successful start to a new chapter in the life of All Saints School.

  There have been changes to the All Saints Governing Body in the past year with the retirement of one long serving governor who presided as Chair for several years, and a change of circumstances for two others. We are fortunate to have recruited a new Parent Governor and two Community Governors bringing the LGB up to full strength. Each of these governors brings with them a variety of skills and experience that will make us able to effectively support and constructively challenge the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team for maximum impact on pupil progress and attainment.

New governors will undertake Induction Training and an introduction to our distinctive Christian character as a church school.  Each governor has a responsibility to monitor and support a particular area of school life ; Safeguarding; Foundation and Early Years; Special Needs; Pupil Premium: Sports Premium: Website compliance and E-Safety; Health and Safety and Premises; and from September, our All Saints Nursery.  Governors are required to make monitoring visits linked to their area of responsibility, liaise with staff and report back to the LGB meetings.

Governors meet each term (6 times during the year) and make at least three monitoring visits during the year.  The LGB meetings provide opportunities to monitor the progress children are making using the latest available data, paying particular attention to the more vulnerable groups. The steps needed to achieve progress and improved outcomes are detailed in the School Improvement Plan produced by the Head Teacher and SLT. As governors we are mindful of the need to know our school and be well informed in order to challenge the information supplied to us. The Head Teacher and Chair of Governors meet weekly.

As governors we are delighted that the Ofsted Inspection in June confirmed that we are indeed a GOOD SCHOOL.  Congratulations are due to Jo Strachan the Head Teacher and her staff for all the work that went into achieving this excellent result. The Head Teacher, Senior Leadership Team and Governors will take account of the comments made in the report as we seek to ensure that all our children grow in confidence to achieve their full potential. The Creative Curriculum ensures that challenge and opportunities to succeed are firmly embedded into every area of the children’s learning.

Rochester Diocese is changing the way it inspects its church schools, therefore Governors, the Head Teacher, SLT and the Vicar of All Saints Church are working together with the Diocesan Board of Education on our Vision  as a church school as we are due for a SIAMS inspection in the new year.

Governors were involved in conducting a Parent Survey during recent Parent Consultation Evenings and the response from parents was overwhelmingly positive in every respect.  Governors are pleased to support a project to improve the playground environment including the installation of equipment to improve children’s fitness.

The All Saints LGB look forward to the coming year dedicated to supporting the Head Teacher and staff as we all strive to raise standards and enrich the lives of all our children.

Jan Harsent. Chair of Governors.

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.