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Adverse Weather Plans



During snowy weather, the school site will be assessed by the school caretaker and we shall endeavour to make any decisions on the closure of the school each morning by 7.45am at the latest.

If the school is going to open as usual, parents will not be contacted.

In the event of planning for the school to close we will:


  • post a message on the school website
  • post a message on the school facebook page
  • post a message on
  • inform Kent County Council of any decision to close and they in turn will
  • contact the Heart Kent FM radio station who will announce a list of school closures live on air every 15 minutes in the region
  • Parents can also download an app to receive notifications about posted school closures via text message with ParentComms


In the event of heavy snowfall during the school day causing the school to be concerned about children’s welfare in relation to returning home, we will:


  • text parents to notify them of the need to collect their children early
  • update the school website  and facebook page

It is always difficult to make the right decision about whether the school should be closed or not due to the unpredictability of our British weather, however, we will aim to make any necessary decisions as swiftly as we can.

Please rest assured that any decisions taken by the school, will be based around ensuring that the children are kept as safe as possible.

Please note that if the school is closed due to adverse weather, breakfast and after school clubs will automatically be cancelled too.