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All Saints

C of E Primary School

Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.









We are a 'culture vulture' school













Cultural diversity

There are 48 different languages spoken under our school roof.

65% + of our pupils are from ethnic minority groups

47% of our pupils have English as a second language.

We are diverse. We are a rich tapestry of cultures and heritage. We learn from each other. We are proud of where we come from.


Our diverse curriculum

To draw on and celebrate how diverse we are in the All Saints family, when we designed our curriculum, we canvassed our community to ask them who they thought was significant in their culture that they wanted our children to learn about. With some clever mixing and matching of National Curriculum requirements we have incorporated as many stakeholder ideas as possible so that our children will grow up to appreciate that not all significant persons worthy of study are white, British and male.


Culture Vulture assemblies

As the children enter and exit assemblies each day they are exposed to facts displayed on the board that are designed to extend their cultural knowledge. The children are quizzed throughout the week at the end of each assembly, on what they can remember about these facts. They get to earn house points for their school team if their answers are correct.


The cultural facts we expose the children to have a change of focus each term and cover every subject and more within the curriculum.


See our timetable for culture vulture assemblies below:

Cycle A

T1- artists, T2- inventors, T3- social pioneers, T4- sports people, T5-mathematicians and T6- scientists

Cycle B

T1- authors, T2- monarchs, T3-builders, T4- religious leaders, T5- explorers and T6- fashion designers























Cultural Christmas

Every year we celebrate Christmas in school as our parents would have in their homeland. The children come in wearing traditional clothes to represent xmas in their home, they bring in xmas foods from their cultures and they come prepared to share with their class a traditional cultural xmas tale.
























Cultural Curriculum Challenge

On alternate years our challenge manager sets some home learning for the children - to speak to family and relatives at home and put together some project work (written or practical in nature) to teach us  about their family roots. The children enjoy learning from one another about their different backgrounds.



Cultural carnival day

Towards the end of every school year, we celebrate the wide variety of cultures we have under our roof. We have visitors come in in who teach the children through song and dance workshops a whole range of cultural facts. The year before last, visitors taught us tales from Africa. The workshops we undertook this summer celebrated and taught us about the  the culture of Bollywood. Our parents were all invited to join in, we had dignitaries from the council take part and the local neighbours joined us for a 'dance off' at the end of the day - good fun and a learning experience for us all.



Playground face-lift

We are working hard raising money to erect graphics of significant people (suggested by the whole school community)  onto our playground fences. People of different cultures, races, backgrounds, genders, professional fields and historical periods. We want them to be remembered for their achievements and to inspire our pupils long into their own futures and the futures of their children.


Thank you to every family who made suggestions of people we should use. we hope you will be seeing them on display soon.

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.