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All Saints

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.









School Information


We encourage electronic communication where possible.  All information will be sent via email when we have been given an address, important messages and alerts may also be sent by text.  Paper copies will still be available upon request.



The school follows the policies laid down by Medway Education Authority for charging for school activities.

Charges and voluntary contributions will be sought from parents to facilitate the confirmation of activities during school hours and for some extra curricula activities.



Many educational visits, some residential, are arranged for the children throughout the school year. Notes and information will be sent to parents giving full details of the visit and contributions requested towards the cost etc, and the usual Medway Council permission slip will be used. This year school trips and visits are restricted due to Covid.



Please inform the school of any serious or ongoing medical problem that your child may have so that we are aware of any special requirements for your child.  During your child’s school years, the school nurse will carry out, with your consent, eye and hearing tests, and height and weight measurements as recommended by the Medway NHS Trust.  A form will be sent home for your agreement and signature.  Dental screenings are also carried out with your consent and any concerns are reported to you.



Every effort is made to contact parents when a child has an accident or is feeling unwell at school. Minor accidents will be attended to during the school day by trained first aiders.  When parents cannot be consulted, first aid, medical assistance or hospital treatment will be sanctioned.  It is essential, therefore, that we have an up-to-date emergency contact telephone number for every pupil.



Medication can be administered in school.  However, Office staff will only administer medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor to be taken four times per day.  Parents are required to complete and sign a school medical record form, which is available from the school office.  Please ensure that all medicines sent to school are clearly labelled with your child’s name and required dosage.  Asthma inhalers may be sent into school and should be handed directly to the class teacher.  They must be clearly marked with the child’s name.



Pupils leaving school mid-session for a hospital or other medical requirements will need to be signed out from the school office.  Please inform the child’s teacher prior to the appointment.



A school uniform greatly contributes to a child’s sense of belonging and pride in their school. The school colour is navy blue. All Saints Church of England Primary School sweatshirts, cardigans and book bags all bearing the school logo are on sale from the office.

For PE all children need to have plimsolls, white t-shirt and navy blue or black shorts. This would usually be kept in school in a PE bag, however due to Covid we ask all children to wear their PE kits into school on their PE day. They do not need to bring in their uniform with them.

Please ensure items of your child’s clothing are named to help avoid loss.

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery to school. If watches are worn, then they are the responsibility of the child



All pupils have the option of a school meal or a packed lunch from home.

All children in the Foundation stage and Key Stage 1 will be offered a free school meal.

Packed lunches should be brought to school in a hard cased lunch box.  Please do not send fizzy drinks or anything in a can or glass bottle.  Sweets, chocolate and crisps should also not be included in lunch boxes. Children are supervised at all times during the lunch break.

We are a “Healthy School” and encourage our pupils to adopt a healthy attitude towards food and exercise.



A breakfast club takes place daily in 3 separate bubbles – one for KS1, one for LKS2 and one for UKS2.  The club is staffed by 3 qualified supervisors. There is a cost implication for each child to attend.  The school prefers that the children ‘book in’ for breakfast club weekly but all children can attend on a daily or weekly basis



Cool Milk for Schools and Orange Juice operate on a daily basis (further details from the school office). Children are encouraged to eat healthily and as part of the Healthy Schools Initiative the children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable at break time.  For those in KS2 parents should provide a piece of fruit or vegetable for mid-morning break.  All children will be given a water bottle on admission to the school.



Children are given homework appropriate to their needs and on a regular basis.  This may include reading, literacy or numeracy tasks, research for a topic or completing unfinished class work.

Homework should be regarded as a positive experience and an extension of learning.  The school has an expectation that the homework will be completed and we ask parents for support with this. During covid times, homework sheets cannot be sent back and forth into school. The children will instead be set work either remotely on the class website page or set a task such as memorise your times tables, a knowledge organiser section or practise using you spellings for this week..



Discipline is based on the philosophy that all pupils within school have the right to learn.  The school promotes a positive, well-ordered learning environment which values all children as individuals and where success is celebrated.

When behaviour is unsatisfactory there is a clear and structured policy of intervention strategies.  The first point of contact is the class teacher who will refer the incident to the Pupil family Support Worker as necessary.

Parents and carers will be kept fully informed of any unsatisfactory behaviour and actions that are being taken to support their child.

Persistent poor behaviour can result in a withdrawal of privileges or even exclusion, but we emphasise that the best guarantee of good behaviour is through praise, reward and the co-operation between teachers, pupils and parents.



Pupil progress is shared with parents regularly at All Saints

Formal parent/teacher consultations take place twice over the year. Book Looks take place on the last day of each term (when no covid restrictions are in place). At the beginning of each year there is a ‘meet the teacher session’ and a parents information session to find out the expectations of their child as they move on to the next year group in their schooling career.

Class teachers inform parents of curriculum content on a termly basis with knowledge organisers and development targets to secure pupil progress are provided in all reports and all parent consultation meetings.



During snowy weather, the school site will be assessed and we shall endeavour to make any decisions on the closure of the school each morning by 7.45am at the latest.

If the school is going to open as usual, parents will not be contacted.

In the event of planning for the school to close we will:

  • post a message on the school website
  • post a message on the school Facebook page
  • post a message on
  •  inform Kent County Council of any decision to close and they in turn will
  •  contact the Heart Kent FM radio station who will announce a list of school closures live on air every 15 minutes in the region
  • Parents can also download an app to receive notifications about posted school closures via text message with ParentComms

In the event of heavy snowfall during the school day causing the school to be concerned about children’s welfare in relation to returning home, we will:

  • text parents to notify them of the need to collect their children early
  • update the school website and Facebook page

It is always difficult to make the right decision about whether the school should be closed or not due to the unpredictability of our British weather, however, we will aim to make any necessary decisions as swiftly as we can.

Please rest assured that any decisions taken by the school, will be based around ensuring that the children are kept as safe as possible.

Please note that if the school is closed due to adverse weather, breakfast and after school clubs will automatically be cancelled too.



If you have questions or concerns about your child’s education we encourage you to contact the school to discuss these, initially with your child’s class teacher or phase leader or by making an appointment with one of the assistant head teachers.  Should your concern not be resolved, please read the schools complaints policy, fill in the complaints form at the back and ask to speak to the school’s Head Teacher. If after speaking to the Head Teacher you do not feel the matter has been dealt with satisfactorily please contact the school’s chair of Governors by asking for their email address in the school office or by using the ‘contact us’ page on the website.



Access to school for parents and visitors is through the main entrance where they should report to the office. Access to the school for parents is restricted during Covid times. Parents should be prepared to wait outside the office until the previous enquiry has been dealt with.



The school is supported by an active ‘Friends’ of the School Association which contributes to the quality of educational provision of the school.  Every parent is an automatic member of the Friends and can participate in social and fund raising functions.  A committee meets regularly to organise any diary events.

The school is also keen that parents feel welcome and very much value the time and energy they are able to give as volunteer helpers once Covid restrictions are lifted

All adults are required to complete a CRB check prior to helping in school.



School guidelines and policies are regularly revised and updated by the school business manager working on a three year cycle.  Copies of policies are available on request from Mrs Russell in the school office.

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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.