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Our All Saints family shall arise and

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St Andrew

In the event of a school closure, partial school closure or pupil absence due to isolation please click on this link to take you to our class remote/ blended learning page

If your child is registered with the school as having specific special learning needs, please look at the home learning links to meet their requirements attached to this link. Thank you.

Welcome to St Andrew!

We are a class of year 4 pupils in the Lower Key Stage 2 part of the School

Our class teacher is Miss Collins

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Smith


Our Learning

This term, our topic is TRADERS AND RAIDERS! We are looking at the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period, learning about how this shaped Britain and lead to how the country is divided today.


We have a daily maths lesson that is taught through Third Space. (See Maths Subject Page)


We are have one outdoor PE session a week (Wednesday afternoon) and one indoor session on Fridays, where we learn about healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet.


 We are taught RE once a week.


We read every morning and have daily literacy lessons that cover comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting. We link all of our learning through our weekly theme writing and extended writing termly.


French is taught every Thursday by a specialist teacher within year group cohorts.


Computing is linked to our theme, this term we are making a powerpoint to show all of the fabulous creations and knowledge we have gained!

School Priorities

Our school priorities are reading, writing and challenge this year.


We have engaging books and displays in each classroom, including a designated reading area. The children read each morning to themselves, Mrs Smith or I. We unpick key comprehension skills every Friday and have whole class story time. 


In writing, we have increased the time and opportunities our children have to write and try to meet this to their specific interests. We are really focused on vocabulary and believe that developing this is key to our children becoming successful writers


We love a challenge in Saint Andrew and they are available all the time.

We have a curriculum challenge set every term.

We have a Maths chocolate challenge  – Winners receive a prize.

We have a ‘Vocabulary Ninja’ each week, they are awarded this for amazing verbal or written vocabulary used during their work.


We also have children in our class who are part of the maths masters challenge club – speak to them to find out what they are up to!


Every piece of homework we get also contains a challenge. We say ‘bring it on!’


PE day is Wednesday.

Children need to wear plain dark shorts, plain white T shirt and plimsolls or trainers.

When it is cold outside children need to cover up with a pair of plain dark tracksuit bottoms or leggings and their school jumper.

Children must ensure hair is tied back if it can be.

Children must take any jewellery they are wearing off themselves, including earrings.

Children must cover newly pierced earrings up with tape that parents must provide them with. Only a small pair of stud earrings are allowed in school, no hoops please.


We stick to the 6 golden rules that every class in the school tries to follow:


we are kind, gentle, inclusive and supportive - we listen carefully and follow instructions - we look after property - we respect and follow our school values - we are safe and honest so everyone can enjoy school - we work hard to achieve and shine brightly



We have a traffic lights system in class where ‘green to go’ is rewarded and red, orange and yellow behaviours result in clearly defined and understood consequences.



Individuals are rewarded for positive behaviour and effort in class by winning Dojo points. Each child has an avatar which represents them and they can monitor their scores each day on the board. Then, at the end of the week the two children with the most points get to choose an item out of the class prize box.


Individual children are selected for our Whole School Praise Book and their names are read out on Fridays in assembly. For now, this is done in class, but we can't wait to get back in the hall to share our amazing progress with everybody!


This includes the ‘Green to Go’ award for the child in class who has shown increased effort, drive, determination or resilience. We also have a Maths star and a Literacy star each week.


Apply yourself in learning, follow the golden rules, have a great week and it’s sure to be you!


Our whole class rewards are negotiated with the class teacher at the start of term. We all put forward ideas of what we would like our reward to be then we vote for the most popular prize and work together as a class team to add points to our class chart. We all have different ones – ask your children about theirs.


At the end of each week, children should read through a chosen section of their 'playlist' knowledge organiser, e.g. 'The Human Ear'.


Parents/Guardians should test their child, quizzing them on what they have read. Children may create posters or notes to help them remember this new information, however these creations must be kept at home.


Children should also practice their spellings* and times tables up to 12x12. 


*See top of page

Partnership Work

Open Door

We have an informal open door policy in Lower Key Stage Two.


Please feel free to speak to me briefly at the end of the school day once I have safely seen all of the other children out. However, if you require a slightly longer discussion, please phone the school office and request a call back to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Also, due to staggered start and finish times (COVID-19), if your child does not have an older sibling, it is best to arrange a phone call. 


Thank-you for understanding. 




Parent – Teacher partnership

How can you help?




Whenever you have a spare moment, read a story with your child. The best way to improve the expression in their reading is for them to hear it as often as possible. 


We want to instil a love of reading within every child. If children are passionate about reading, they will want to do it more and more. This way, they unknowingly take in new vocabulary, spellings, sentence structures and apply it into their own work. 


Times Tables Practice 


Times tables are key to understanding and applying maths. Children need to be exposed to them as much as possible and recite them frequently. Write or print times tables up to 12x12 and display them on the fridge. Perhaps choose one times table (e.g. 5s) to go through after breakfast each day or on the way to school. This way in just 2 weeks they will be covered and you can start again. 


 Where more time is available, test them on their times tables – make it a game, get them to test you! 


Come on in

If you have a few spare hours a week and would like to volunteer to help out in class, take a reading group or be around at lunchtimes, just let your child’s teacher know and they will get Miss Strachan to contact you. We are always glad of an extra pair of hands.


If you would like to come into school for a one off session to see how and what your child is learning and experience life as part of the class again, speak to the teacher or Miss Strachan – the more visitors we have in school the merrier.


COVID-19 note: We look forward to welcoming you in to school as soon as it is safe to do so.


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Our All Saints family shall arise and

shine for the light of The Lord is upon us.